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CORESSENCES are environmental essences. They have been prepared on the Island of Mauritius according to the method of Dr. Bach and are currently offered as drops, sprays or bath salts.

Their energies correspond with the vibrations of the elements as taught in traditional teachings: Air, Water, Earth and Fire as well as Metal and Wood. Their vibrations embrace the spectrum of the colour circle. They therefore correspond with the chakra system and its related zones of the physical body.

The elements are our innermost core. We are not only surrounded by them, but also consist of them. We cannot exist without them, whether we like it or not.

CORESSENCES come as a precious gift to a society estranged from nature and the natural cycles. They gently remind us that joy and harmony can be keys to unlock and cherish life’s wealth.

Colours: red/yellow
Corresponding body areas: heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, sexual organs
Chakras: crown, heart, navel, sex, basic
Properties: protective, deep cleansing, empowering

Colours: light green/yellow
Corresponding body areas: neck, shoulders, hands, feet, pelvis, spine, muscles and tendons
Chakras: heart, solar plexus, navel, sex, basic
Properties: warming, calming, relaxing

Colours: light blue/light turquoise
Corresponding body areas: head, respiratory tract, ears, throat
Chakras: crown, forehead, throat, heart
Properties: cleansing, clarifying, refreshing

Colours: royal blue/turquoise
Corresponding body areas: lymphatic system, kidneys, urinary tract, body tissue
Chakras: crown, forehead, third eye, heart
Properties: cleansing, relaxing, detoxifying

Colours: violet/royal blue
Corresponding body areas: brain, eyes, throat, vocal cords, nervous system
Chakras: crown, forehead, third eye, throat, heart, sex
Properties: clarifying, enhancing, disentangling

Colour: magenta
Corresponding body areas: senses, bones, muscles, skin, hair
Chakras: heart, navel, basic, sex
Properties: stabilising, balancing, calming, nourishing

The birth of earth
All chakras, all body areas, all colours
Properties: enhancing, revitalising, strengthening, harmonising