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Flower Power from Mauritius

The Southern Hemisphere has brought forth remarkable and unique plants with some of the rarest growing in Mauritius. A number of species was lost during long years of colonisation and monoculture, others were introduced by those who came to stay on this small island in the Indian Ocean.
Having worked with flower essences from all over the world, Switzerland-born Birgitta Holenstein Ramsurn was delighted to find so many interesting species on such a small place. She decided to settle in Mauritius in order to work with them. Her many years of research and experience with the flower elixirs are contained in “Flower Power from Mauritius “.
For those working with flower elixirs and essences, this book is a treasure trove. Birgitta has thoroughly researched the endemic and imported plants growing on and around her magical island home, which are the foundation of her NaturEssences.
Learn about their origin, their traditional uses and about the various applications of flower essences throughout the ages.
The book is enriched with blunt, funny and very deep Deva messages for an enhanced understanding of the flower-messages as well as “Flower Stories” of real living people: some from present times, some historical and amongst those who shaped the island.
Reading the book will make you understood, just how very much the lives of the plants surrounding us are intertwined with our lives; how we can learn from the plants and flowers and how much they contribute to our spiritual growth and healing.
The book will be available in October.
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